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Oxyent performed StoneOne Web Service Factory. The key to a service-on-demand enterprise is to build an infrastructure and architecture that demonstrates loose coupling and flexibility. The service-on-demand enterprise architecture should also provide a layer of abstraction between the various heterogeneous system interfaces provided by the back-end legacy applications, the business applications that consume the information, and the different business entities. Web Service Factory is software infrastructure that simplifies the integration and flexible reuse of business components using a service-oriented architecture. Web Service Factory supports the goals of service orientation by making it easy to dynamically connect, mediate and control services and their interactions.

Mr. Andreas Liebing CEO - StoneOne AG

With a commitment to quality, excellent technical skills and exemplary research acumen, Oxyent Medicals Pvt Limited has contributed immensely to the successful completion of first phase of Image Analysis and Decision Support System (iADSS). We at, Aditya Imaging conceptualised iADSS as an innovative imaging solution that would influence and expedite pharmaceutical research. We needed someone who appreciate our vision and capable of taking up the challenge of transforming our complex expectation of processing peta bytes of data in close to real time. And then there was Oxyent with very mature Image processing team, good cloud computing exposure and insights into big data management on GPU clusters. We do not hesitate a bit to confirm that the progress made so far would not have been easy without the technical leadership provided by Oxyent, its dedicated team and the OM framework. The feedback given to us by the end users in Sunpharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC) on our first phase deliverables would indeed second this opinion. Trust, we would continue this mutually rewarding partnership in the years to come. We wish Oxyent success in all its future endeavours.

Mr. Umesh Shanghvi Business Head, Aditya Imaging

Oxyent perfomed. E-Compliance Solution, where they implemented Email Management System using StoneOne Technologies. The compliance system was based on Lotus Notes Email client and used intelligent classification technique to assign, train and stop mails floating in an organization. The developed system was state of art technology which can handle mail objects and extract text from various mail fields i.e. Subject, Attachment and Sender which is then given to a trained classification component based on predefined compliance data. The classification component then uses the engine to put text into most suitable n-dimensional space based on probability. Then a conclusion engine gets the notification once the mail object is processed and it finds out based on various probabilities of constituent text various rules that get satisfied. This allows an enterprise to monitor non compliance in mail traffic across and outside organization. It also acts as a tool for training team to mentor people in business communication and protecting business critical information.

Dr. Mathias Petri MD - docs&rules GmbH



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