Integrated Bus

Oxyent's technology partner StoneOne AG has developed a completely new generation of software offering central control using the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture in combination with huge set of components for multiple purposes and a configurable data model. Since the StoneOne architecture goes beyond ESB and contains several components focused on documents and information handling we call our solution Enterprise Information Bus (EIB). A modern business portal uses our Partner StoneOne's technology to implement a wide range of processes as services available over a Web browser. Customer benefit from significantly reduced costs by doing away with the need to individually configure and administer applications. Users gain access to up-to-date information whenever and wherever they are, and the only maintenance work required is performed on the central server of the service provider.

Savings in cost & time based on StoneOne platform usage

The accumulated experience of hundreds of projects, many of them very complex ones, was shaped into an architecture that combines the virtues of simplicity, ease of handling and versatility, while at the same time ensuring excellent performance even under extreme load.Based on modern, service-oriented software architecture (SOA), StoneOne offers a unique enabling technology which allows fast development and implementation of business portals. Above diagram clearly describes reduction in cost achieved by leveraging this platform.

Advantages of Central Management via the EIB