Oxyent IoT capabilities

iNICU product allowed us to integrate various devices present in an ICU environment to central enterprise bus. We wrote HL7 based connectors for various Monitors i.e. Philips, Mindray and other biochemical devices like Blood gas measurements. Linking of machine data with golden record of patient (HIS or EMR), allowed us to further exploit capabilities of IoT in Healthcare. Future initiatives involves linking of the wearable devices. We have already connected Samsung Gear devices via Android client/server communication. Our other customer initiatives includes monitoring patient health (sensors) in real time. In partnership with various IoT vendors, we are attempting to monitor equipment across the globe and diagnose patient health through embedded sensors. Multiple channels of data from equipment is integrated and routed wirelessly (like Raspberry, Arduino natively or via Xively),all the vital data flows to the operating team, the control room as well to remote observers. This data is used to setup alerting mechanisms, remote consultation during operating procedures, and many other applications .